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  • Genuine, quality medicines & medical devices

  • Efficient, hassle-free delivery

  • medicines at prices you can afford.

Who We Are

EcoPharmacy is an online cross-border pharmaceutical logistics company specializing in outsourcing authentic medication, including delivery throughout Africa at an affordable cost. We are a sub-division of the Medical Fund Management (MFM) group. EcoPharmacy in partnership with renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors and professional courier companies guarantees efficient, prompt delivery of ethical medicines & effective devices.


Africa faces a great challenge for accessibility and affordability of authentic medication due to the absence of both local manufacturers and limited supply. Africa has become a playground for the illicit pharmaceutical trade. Due to corruption, counterfeit & out-dated medications have flooded the marketplace often putting lives in danger because of their poor quality.

Having witnessed this phenomenon, Pascal Mukadi – an entrepreneur & philanthropist – decided to tackle this problem. After extensive investments in research, technology & healthcare, he launched EcoPharmacy – a ground- breaking healthcare logistics solution for Africa.

What We Do

EcoPharmacy provides the following services:

Our EcoPharmacy App bridges the gap between renowned pharmaceutical companies and the consumer throughout Africa. We bring you an innovative tool that provides you with the following functionalities:

**NB. All our pharmacists at EcoPharmacy are licensed as per the South African Pharmacy Council.

What makes us different

EcoPharmacy offers Africa access to ethical medicines and medical devices to all health seekers through our client-friendly platform…

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